Accelerant Group provides outsourced software development that makes sense to your bottom line


Accelerant Group provides end-to-end enterprise software development; including:
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Data Modeling
  • Multi-tier Architecture
  • User Interface design and prototyping
  • Blended-source Software Development
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • System Deployment
  • Product Maintenance


Only solid and proven frameworks are used to develop your application. We avoid script languages such as PHP in favor of more reliable and performant systems:
  • Relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and Postgres
  • Manstream Enterprise platforms - Java & .NET
  • Key Web Languages: Javascript, HTML
  • Server Architectures : Linux, Apache, J2EE, etc.


In addition to world class software development; Accelerant Group also hosts Web based solutions for several industries.
  • Text Messaging
  • Online Appointment Management
  • Waiting List Management and Paging
  • Contact & Relationship Management
  • Social Artificial Intellegence
  • Password Management

Our Philosophy

Architecture is the key - Software development projects are often doomed right out of the gate by neglecting the architecture. A solid architecture saves you money by: reducing development time, reducing number of defects, and improved maintainability.

At Accelerant Group we strive to adhere to the following principles of Agile software development:

We believe that by following these principles, we create the biggest opportunity for our client's success.


Text Messaging Solutions

EAText is the perfect tool to increase profits and improve customer service in your restaurant
Customer Reporting – Know everything about your guest volumes, wait times, cancellations, and more.
Opt-In Marketing - Keep your loyal customers coming back with targeted text message promotions, and birthday offers.
Guest Paging – Keep track of your reservations and waiting list and send a customized text message to your guests when their table is ready.
How does EAText work?
EAText is simple. When a guest arrives, the host asks for a name and mobile phone number. The guest is free to wait on site or leave and return. As a table becomes available they simply click on the guest's name. A customizable text message is sent to your guest welcoming them to return and be seated. Information about daily specials can be included with the alert.
"Your table is now available. Our special this evening is…"
It's that simple. In addition to availability alerts, you can also choose to contact your loyal guests throughout the week with additional promotional messages.
What equipment do I need to use EAText?
The only equipment you need to use the EAText service is a computer with access to the Internet. You simply log on to your customized EAText web page, and you can begin to enjoy the benefits of one of the most advanced restaurant messaging systems in the industry. Any information you enter into the EAText system, including guest information and customized promotions will be maintained and managed on our secure servers.
The EAText system is completely customizable. We will work with you to determine what services will be the best fit with your business. In addition to a simple alert system, EAText gives you the ability to reach out to your guests – thank them for joining you, invite them to return, and offer them special promotional discounts. Your system may also be customized to allow your guests to access the system, attaching information to their phone number including birthdays, anniversaries, and other important information that will allow you to determine what products and services you can offer them.
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Online Appointment Scheduling

In Appointext you have the ability to manage your list of Appointments AND clients or patients. Easily add custom information and contact information for efficient messaging possibilities. The user friendly software is simple to access and easy to use. In only a few clicks you can easily schedule appointments, confirm appointments and communicate with clients. You can easily modify your calendar view to include daily, weekly or monthly schedules. In addition, The contact manager makes it easier than ever to manage your customer base and contact information.
Appointext offers exceptional performance on all popular browsers with simply an Internet connection. You can access your calendar from anywhere you are! Works with many mobile devices and smart phones. There is never any additional charges for the number of computers that access your account.
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